Imperial Rivets & Fasteners Co., incorporated in 1988, specializes in supplying rivets, sex bolts, screws, binding posts, threaded nuts, rivet nuts, and blind rivets for many uses including leather goods, bicycles, automobiles, electronics, furniture, and machinery. 

We stock common binding posts and screws in aluminum, steel, brass, and stainless steel, along with certain rivet nuts and blind rivets at our warehouse in Darien, Illinois.  You can order in quantities as small as 1,000 pieces.  We also have a technologically advanced factory in Taiwan with more than 30 automated multi-process cold headers for manufacturing customized parts.  We can make as few as 20,000 pieces for small applications to many millions for mill delivery. 

We have our trademark registered as ˇ§Imperial Rivets & Fastenersˇ¨ (no. 1,994,503) and our bolt files and binders registered under the ˇ§Berylˇ¨ mark (no. 2,021,244).  Our company philosophy is service, reliability, and technology.  We can provide you high quality products at low cost and with timely delivery.  We will make every effort to earn your business.

Inventions and Patented Products:

Our Research and Development contribute significantly in the expansion of our company. In addition to streamlining the production and quickening the delivery , the department has designed several ingenious products and received more than 10 patents in U.S.A. Two of the inventions spreading worldwide would be detailed in the following:

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